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Q.  My proof looks light (or dark).  Will you correct it?

Yes!  we will correct it in the final prints.  Also, the online proofs are low resolution previews.  

Our final prints are high quality, fully corrected, and custom printed on premium photographic paper.

Q.  Can a package be split between several proofs?
A.  No, each photo in a package must be from the same proof.

Q.  Can my photo be cropped?
A.  Yes!  Just request custom cropping in the comments box. We will crop as close as possible per your request, subject to aspect ratio limits. Many runners ask us to "zoom in" on the photos.

Q.  When will my photos arrive?
A.  Usually in 1 to 2 weeks. If they don't, send us an email at service@runphotos.com and we will be happy to check on your order status.

Q.  I still have a question, How do I speak to a human being?

A.  Just call us at 877-688-7427 during business hours.

Digital File & CD Policies
We are happy to provide high resolution (300 dpi) files from our cameras. Unless otherwise specified, the files are fully corrected by our graphic artists.

You can print the files yourself, and use them for any other personal purpose. Many third party photo labs will not print from these files, and we do not issue any copyright release for any use other than that specified above.